AGORA is implemented using standard approaches to the development of the server and client parts of enterprise solutions.

AGORA is implemented using standard approaches to the development of the server and client parts of enterprise solutions.

JavaScript is the main programming language and is used by most of the front-end and back-end components. However, individual components of the solution can also use other programming languages. For example, GeoCMS uses GeoServer, an application written in Java, to serve maps, while other GeoCMS functional modules are implemented in JavaScript.

The use of JavaScript as the main programming language provides affordable support and development of the platform due to the availability of a wide range of libraries, as well as qualified specialists with the necessary technology stack to work with them.

Application development uses open-source technologies. This approach allows us to implement solutions in accordance with modern trends in the field of IT while solving complex technological problems. Open-source technologies allow an organization or company to save resources on maintaining and developing implemented solutions based on AGORA and are one of the factors that ensure a high ROI of projects in which the solution is involved.

Why JavaScript?

AGORA takes an open-source approach and uses widespread technologies based on JavaScript (both for front-end and back-end) to grant the decreased cost of ownership, easy support, and solution maintenance.
The Most Popular Software Technology

It is proven that JavaScript is the most popular technology in the software engineering world. JavaScript takes a leading spot in usage, popularity, and discussions.

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. Stack Overflow says that 69.8 percent of its 78,334 developers-respondents use JavaScript. Another Stack Overflow’s Annual Survey indicates that for the sixth consecutive year, JavaScript was named the most commonly used programming language.

GitHub, a repository used by millions of developers, publishes yearly analytics about how things have been going on in the previous year on their platform. A great number of GitHub users are actually JavaScript developers. According to GitHub Octoverse 2022, JavaScript was touted as the most popular language based on the amount of opened pull requests.

In addition, JavaScript-based technologies such as AngularJS, Node.js, and React also top the list of commonly used frameworks, libraries, and tools.

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The Dominant Language for Web Development and Server-Side Frameworks

Web Technology Surveys (Web3Techs) reported that in 2022, JavaScript was used by 98 percent of websites and topped the list of the highly popular client-side coding language.

In web development, JavaScript has maintained dominance. Since 2009 when Node.js was released, the scenario of “JavaScript everywhere” was seen as a reality. The server-side framework based on JavaScript language allows developers to unite web app development in a single coding language instead of relying on numerous languages to write the server-side code. The package manager of Node.js offers the biggest ecosystem comprising open-source libraries globally.

Another reason why JavaScript is popular and was chosen for AGORA is because of the support it has. Many businesses would want to use the language because it has been utilized by large companies. The language has been implemented by major companies such as Alibaba, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Companies like Netflix, GoDaddy, Slack, Yahoo, and PayPal have written their web apps entirely in JavaScript. HubSpot, Adblock Plus, Mozilla, Lightshot, and Greasemonkey make some of the desktop apps that have been built in JavaScript. Facebook has been backing the use of JavaScript all along, whereas LinkedIn changed its server-side to Node.js. PayPal also moved from Java to JavaScript. Being used by such big tech companies contributes to its popularity.

The reason why tech giants are using JavaScript is because it can handle as well as solve a majority of their tasks. The programming language is powered by libraries and popular frameworks is has.

JavaScript is platform-independent. Any JavaScript-enabled browser, which most browsers are, can easily understand and interpret JavaScript code.

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App Infrastructure

AGORA-based solutions are cross-browser web applications with the ability to run the server part on the most popular operating systems and connect various DBMS.

Web Servers:
Web Browsers:
MS Edge
MS SQL Server

Deployment Options

Based on the conditions and specific needs, the Client can choose the most optimal option for deploying the Platform.

On-Premise (local private data centers)

Control and confidentiality for optimal server performance. On-Premise allows you to manage data privacy, cost-effectiveness, employee expertise, physical protection, and offline operation.
  • Confidentiality of the organization's data
  • Price/performance ratio of the server infrastructure for optimal performance
  • Professionalism of employees serving the server
  • Protection from physical damage to equipment
  • Operation without the Internet


This section covers the advantages of cloud-based server infrastructure, which include easy scaling of server capacity, no direct maintenance costs, persistent and device-independent internet access, and duplication and backup of all infrastructure components.
  • Easy server capacity scaling
  • No direct maintenance costs
  • Persistent and device-independent internet access
  • Duplication and backup of all infrastructure components