A powerful digital solution for effective HR management. An all-in-one platform to enhance human resources operations in the public sector.

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Why do you need AGORA HRMIS?
Address the difficulties affecting HR management today
  • Inefficient paper-based workflow
  • Overstaffing and ghost workers
  • Lack of up-to-date information in human resources
  • Tedious payroll management
  • Changes in labor legislation
  • Impeded decision-making 
Leads to low efficiency and high costs of HRM in governmental sector
How AGORA HRMIS can help address these challenges?
Increase operational efficiency by 23% within a year
Optimize fact-based decision-making based 
on local legislation 
and business processes
Automate routine 
HR operations and reduce human error
Why choose AGORA HRMIS?
Using best practices to ensure excellent HR management experience
Public Sector-oriented Pre-configured System
AGORA HRMIS was developed with the public sector human resources management challenges and needs in mind.
License-free and Open-source
The platform allows your organization to use and customize the software without incurring licensing fees or vendor lock-in.
Adaptable and Customizable
HRMIS provides the ability to tailor the software to meet the unique needs and evolving requirements of your organization.
AGORA HRMIS core modules and extensions
Core modules

Organization structure

Recruitment automation

Employee profile

Time planning and control

Payroll management

Leave management

Ad-hoc analytical reports


Performance evaluation

Planning and budgeting

Training & Development

Incident management

Extended analytics



What does AGORA HRMIS Offer? 
There are several reasons why a public sector organization should consider implementing an HR management solution
Employee Supervision
The platform helps with personal goal setting, training plan management, and performance evaluation.
Adjustable to Local ICT Standards
The platform supports flexible scaling and customization to local ICT standards and changing legislation.
Centralized HR Information Hub
The solution serves as a single reliable source of information about the human resources of the organization.
Encouraging Positive Workplace Culture
The HRMIS system fosters organizational culture by engaging employees from their onboarding.
Effective Business Process Management
AGORA HRMIS can efficiently establish and oversee business processes while effectively managing employees.
Optimized for the Public Sector
AGORA HRMIS is specifically designed to be implemented in the public sector.
Increasing Operational Efficiency
AGORA’s HR management system increases an organization’s productivity by streamlining HR processes and reducing administrative overhead.
AGORA HRMIS brochure
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HRMIS on the global scene
AGORA’s HR management platform helps organizations effectively manage millions of employees in the public sector worldwide  
AGORA HRMIS integration solutions
An integration-ready platform with enterprise content and workflow management capabilities, as well as a secure CMS for the public sector
Enterprise Content Management 
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) incorporated into an HR management solution improves document management, regulatory compliance, collaboration and accessibility, workflow automation, 
and data analysis, ultimately contributing to more effective and efficient 
HR operations.
Secure Public Sector CMS
A secure Content Management System (CMS) within an HR management solution for the public sector ensures data privacy and compliance with government regulations, safeguarding sensitive employee information and maintaining the public's trust. A secure CMS mitigates the risk of data breaches, protecting employee and public data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.
Workflow Management
Workflow management solution streamlines HR processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, and performance reviews, by defining clear steps and automating repetitive tasks. It provides a real-time overview of ongoing tasks and bottlenecks, enabling HR teams to proactively address issues and ensure timely completion of activities.